About NetGenesis

NetGenesis is a Melbourne/Adelaide based web design and hosting company. Our focus is on not-for-profit organisations, small businesses, and individuals who need a website to further their company/personal goals. We pride ourselves on customer service and aim to build life-long relationships with our customers as we support you with all your online business needs. We can register your domain name, create and host your website, as well as maintain and upgrade existing sites, all for very reasonable rates.

Andrew Robinson

As a founding partner in NetGenesis, Andrew has developed a number of successful websites, using the latest in web technologies, for a variety of customers (see portfolio). He is currently available for freelance / sub-contract / casual work in the areas of content management, data entry, web design and development.

With a Masters in Computing (web and internet) and previously with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Andrew has worked as a Product Design Engineer for a number of Global clients while managing complete projects from start to finish in partnership with local and international suppliers. He has successfully transferred these skills into the online world of web design, development and hosting.


  • Website Design ((X)HTML, CSS, javascript)
  • Web Development (PHP, SQL)
  • Image manipulation (Photoshop)
  • Multimedia programming (Flash)
  • Usability and Accessibility
  • Project Management
  • Website editing
  • Content Managment (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress)
  • Internet Marketing (SEO techniques)
  • Software Development (C, Java)

Rebecca Robinson

Qualified with a PhD and Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons), Rebecca has advanced coding and software development experience, with particular skills in C, Java and scripting languages such as PHP. She has over a decade's experience as a university-level teacher of Computer Science, and is confident at modelling problems using a range of programming paradigms.

Rebecca's PhD was completed (2009) in the area of graph theory and graph algorithms. Her interests lie in algorithms and complexity analysis. Previous research has included the application of graph theoretic algorithms to W3C's Resource Description Framework.


  • Programming / software development (Java, C, C++)
  • Web Markup Languages (HTML, XML, RDF)
  • Server-side scripting (PHP/SQL)
  • UNIX shell scripting
  • Content Management (Joomla)